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Protect Your Child’s Right to PLAY

Join us as we explore the psychology of coaching and what it means to support your young athlete


Better Structured Youth Games


Healthier, Happier Children


Age-Appropriate Coaching Concepts

Winning Isn't Everything

  • Every child should have the right to play in youth sports, with equal playing time and in different positions, regardless of the game's outcome. If not, are we prioritizing victory over our children's long-term growth?

  • Practice sessions should mimic the unpredictability of real games and involve less prescriptive instruction in both practices and games. If not, are we hindering our children's capacity to foster critical thinking and decision-making skills?

  • We must invest in coach development with a focus on nurturing children's enjoyment of play, instead of pushing them too hard to be like adult athletes. If not, will more kids continue to quit sports and physical activities for life?

My Story

My Story

Our intense desire for young athletes to do well has caused us to replace play with overly technical teaching. This means they don't get to develop their decision-making skills and just end up following instructions. Without realizing it, coaches are taking away our kids' natural ability to explore and learn on their own.


Don Draxler, founder of FreeFlo Sports, talks about this problem. He looks at the psychology and philosophy of coaching and encourages us to think differently about how our kids participate in sports.

Your athlete could…


Feel more ownership and have motivation to win


Benefit by having
te, well-structured games and practices


Learn to express themselves
on their own terms

Reimagining Youth Sports: Fostering Play and Creativity

Play isn't just fun; it's a powerful teacher of life skills and a breeding ground for creativity. Imagine if we made play a priority—we could transform the entire experience for our young athletes and revolutionize our sports programs.

It's time to join the movement and reshape the culture of our children's sport experience. Let's ensure they embark on their athletic journey with positivity, allowing them to express themselves in their unique way. As parents and coaches, this is the ultimate support we can offer.

Remember, victory is just one part of the game. It's time to break free from the mindset that winning is everything. We've done our kids a disservice by promoting programs and coaches who focus solely on the end result. Imagine if coaches had the tools to craft age-appropriate, well-structured games and practices. Our children would thrive, playing with enthusiasm and the determination to reach their full potential, assuring their passion for sports for years to come.

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